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SM-6000 series

Slagerij Hendrik en Erika


SM-6000: One Scale, Endless Possibilities

Slagerij Hendrik en Erika is an established Belgium-based butchery known for its extensive range of top quality meats.

The modern store has undergone a major store renewal in November 2020 to create a fresh new look that matches the professional yet personalised service offered to their customers.

The arrival of the SM-6000 further elevated the overall look of the store as the scales’ sleek design complements the store’s contemporary décor.

Bringing more than just appealing design to the butchery, the SM-6000 EV variant deployed across the fresh meat counter helps the store to capture maximum sales as staff are able to serve more customers simultaneously.

Not only are the staff now better equipped with the three future-proof PC scales, they can also rely on its user-friendly interface to streamline the entire weighing process. The SM-6000’s operator display also features a capacitive touch screen that supports swiping gestures akin to smartphones, allowing operators to navigate around the scale quickly and effortlessly.

Apart from bolstering the store’s weighing capability, the key highlight of this installation is the SM-6000 console situated at the payment counter. Deployed in a different manner compared to its elevated counterparts at the fresh meat counter, the SM-6000 console serves an equally significant purpose as it is integrated with the store’s payment terminals.

With a 3rd party cash management solution synced to the SM-6000 console, the butchery is able to offer quick and automated cash handling to shorten transaction time and eliminate discrepancies.

Furthermore, customers can also opt for cashless payment as this SM-6000 payment station is also connected to an electronic payment terminal.

QR codes can also be shown on the SM-6000’s customer display to support contactless mobile payment through popular e-payment applications such as Payconiq.

Cashier no longer have to come in contact with money, which allows the store to maintain the highest level of sanitation without having to worry about hygiene implications.

As both the SM-6000 EV and the SM-6000 console shares the same intuitive user interface, operators can rotate between the meat counter and payment station with ease.

This flexible setup perfectly demonstrates SM-6000’s versatility as it can be easily configured to help retailers keep up with different business needs via integration with compatible 3rd party solutions.


Customer Profile

Company: Slagerij Hendrik en Erika
Country: Belgium