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Globus-Markt in Krefeld


Globus utilizes portable RGW-560IIS for efficient strap-banding across departments.

The Globus store in Krefeld was opened in May 2021 with a sales area of 11,200 sqm. The customer has a total of around 80,000 items to choose from. The focus on freshness and in-house production is particularly important. In contrast to the usual retail landscape, Globus produces fresh food every day on site in the market such as baked goods and confectionery as well as restaurant meals for eat-in or take-away.

Globus already utilizes the standard RGW-560II in the pastry and bakery departments in all its new stores across Germany. The machine configuration and the data connection were therefore tailored to only this department.

Since we saw the potential of Strap Banding packaging for Sushi and in-house production too, we discussed with the head of the Globus chain production department to widen the use across other departments as well.

The solution resulted in a more flexible and transportable Product Strap Banding solution.

The sushi and in-house production counters are located separately from each other within the store, so a flexible solution had to be found. We therefore developed a trolley with which the machine can be used in different departments. In addition, for reasons of hygiene it mitigates the need for products to be transported between departments and the work surfaces remain free to be used for other purposes.

Sales results followed quickly - after a short time, the department head noticed the outstanding advantages of banding with the RGW- 560IIS. The quality of the products such as salads, fruit bowls, various gastro & sushi products with elegant and flexible band straps were convincing. Labels with tear-off edges distracted the view of the product and impaired its appearance of quality. The uniform and visually appealing result of the clean strap-band labels now makes the counter an eye-catcher. Another advantage is the secure closing of the containers. Before the RGW-560IIS was introduced, the packages were manually sealed with an adhesive security tape and the label. This was an enormous expenditure of time and the plastic boxes still tended to open when you grabbed them. The wrap-around strap band automatically and securely seals the product, so there is no possibility of the packaging opening unintentionally.

In addition to enhanced security, saving working time and costs is a crucial point when equipping the remaining stores. As a result of this installation, three further stores have already been commissioned.


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