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SM-6000 supporting fresh ideas for Botanical Shop

Plantlet is located in Broadstairs, Kent and is a perfect little plant lovers paradise. The shop is owned and run alone by Izzi Brown who has a real passion for houseplants and their many well-being benefits.

Her shop is small but absolutely packed with green goodies and stocks a huge variety of indoor houseplants, cacti and succulents. She also sells lots of houseplant associated gifts, from greetings cards to mushroom grow kits. As well as this, she also stocks a vast range of plant care items and accessories, which her Martek refill system and DIGI scales are now a huge part of.

Izzi has always admired refill systems in zero waste stores and had wanted to create her own self-service refill system in her shop for a long time.

While selling-by-weight is common in supermarket bulk sections and zero waste stores for predominantly food items, Izzi was inspired by the idea of how this bulk shopping could translate to her field of business as a plant store owner. What if you could buy what you want, the amount you want, and have no packaging waste for soil too?

Izzi reached out to our partner Martek - Zero Waste systems and furniture specialists. DIGI Europe and Martek offer a total financed zero-waste solution using their dispensers and shelf design combined with DIGI’s scales.

Izzi spent a lot of time planning and conceptualizing with what she has called the “Pot ‘n’ Mix”. Simply, a Pic ‘n’ Mix commonly seen in supermarkets but for plants! Instead of sweets, think soil, gravel, bark! Customers are encouraged to use their own containers; however, paper bags are also provided as well as an option for resealable plastic bags that can be reused over and over. All 100% recyclable and reusable. This was a must considering the main reason for creating the refill system was tackling the excess of waste with the soil currently available on the market. Plastic waste from packaging is a massive problem, but also waste of unused/unwanted soil due to products only being sold in such large quantities.

While the installed SM-6000SSP solution is a standard offering for self-service bulk, what sets this case apart is its unique application. Paul Murthar comments how easy it is to tailor to various business’ needs: “We added logos to the front screen and label and adapted the colour scheme to suit Izzi’s preferences. We then delivered, installed, and trained Izzi on use, maintenance, price changing and creating new products, so that she became as expert as we are.”

“Plantlet has had such a fantastic response to Pot ’n‘ Mix. Customers are loving being able to get everything they need in the exact quantities they need in a simple and sustainable way.” Izzi reports. It has had such a positive impact on the shop; not only has it increased sales for soils and potting components, it has also strengthened the friendly atmosphere and the relationship between Izzi and her customers.

“It’s made repotting plants in the shop so much more accessible, so great times are being had with customers repotting plants together and learning about the specific soil mixes needed to help plants thrive.” Here’s to a fantastic future of reusing, refilling and repotting!


Customer Profile

Company: Plantlet
Country: United Kingdom