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Shelf Edge Display | Digital Signage

Envision the future of retail with DIGI's revolutionary Shelf Edge and Digital Signage Display - the Enchant Series. 

Designed to captivate, these cutting-edge displays offer vivid HD visuals capable of bringing dynamic content to life while creating an immersive experience in every aisle.

With these new solutions, you can easily integrate them into diverse sectors while providing consistent pricing and sales growth.

Enchant - Shelf Edge Display

Elevate your brand presence and stay ahead of the curve, this Android-based DC-powered display can be easily configured with different multimedia designs to bring promotional content to life.

• Available in mutiple sizes - 23.1’’, 35’’, 36'' and 47.1’’

Enchant - Digital Signage

A game-changer for retailers, this Linux-based DC-powered 10.1’’ multimedia display comes in Single or Double-sided LCD screens to unlock endless possibilities for your promotional campaigns. 

• Ideal for fresh departments
• IP-68 rating: water and dust resistant


Product Highlights

Vivid HD Display
Featuring a vivid HD display, this innovative product brings your content to life like never before. 

Dynamic Content
With the freedom to showcase endless combination of dynamic content, you can effortlessly engage your customers with eye-catching visuals, interactive advertising and compelling messages in every aisle.

You can also incorporate QR codes to provide shoppers with access to informative digital content. 

Perfectly Robust
Built to withstand diverse in-store environments, our displays can endure wide operating temperature range, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding settings.

Generate Revenue
Attract brand investments and watch your promotional revenue grow by offering advertising space with this unique profit-generating platform.

Remote Management

Remote management functionality enables retailers to update content, optimise shelf space with split screen or automate live promotion at specified time slots wirelessly.

This powerful tool empowers businesses with flexibility to reduce the need for on-site maintenance and minimising downtime for new promotions while ensuring accurate pricing displayed in real-time.

Sustainable Advertising

With the Enchant Series, you can reduce your carbon footprint by putting an end to wasteful one-off paper tags and shelf talkers, making it a greener way to advertise.

Interactive Touchpoint

Establish an engaging customer touchpoint with the Enchant 23.1'' Touch and sync up with the Enchant 36'' to discover how this interactive asset can help turn experience into purchases. 


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