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Oplossing met lijnloze etiketten

Vergroot je productiviteit en verklein je ecologische voetafdruk met linerless etiketten

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DIGI linerless label solution is a sustainable and cost effective sustainable alternative to traditional labels.

With its automatic label cutting feature and no backing paper, linerless labels is the perfect solution for the food industry.


  • Beheer etiketten per klant
  • Reduce down time for replacement of consumables
  • Verminder de inpakkkosten
  • Promoot ecologische voordelen
  • NL_Prevent human error


Improved productivity

DIGI's linerless labels provide nearly double the roll length compared to conventional labels with backing paper, enabling extended usage and fewer roll replacements. This reduction in replacement frequencies, enhances work efficiency by minimizing downtime. Additionally, reducing the need for frequent replacements lowers the risk of label errors, which often occur during the replacement process due to incorrect label placement or man-made setting mistakes.

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Contribute to zero waste

DIGI's linerless label solution eliminates the need for backing paper, significantly reducing paper waste in food factories. Combined with DIGI's advanced auto-cutting technology, this solution removes unused blank spaces on labels, ensuring optimal efficiency and minimal waste.

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Reduce material handling cost

Our linerless label solution enables production of labels in diverse layouts and sizes using a single type of label roll, streamlining operations all food factories. This simplifies inventory management, reduces logistical expenses, and maximizes storage efficiency compared to conventional options.