Note: This product is no longer being sold. Please consult with your local contact regarding maintenance of this model or replacement models.

Delious MIO-WS02

Delious MIO

Express self-ordering system

Patrons can be treated to express ordering and lines at counters can be eliminated by putting patrons in control of ordering at places such as fast-food outlets. 
Relieving counter staff of order taking lets them devote full attention to order preparation, payment, and order delivery, increasing the efficiency of work overall.

Putting patrons in control of ordering

When patrons order from a self-order terminal, a confirmation ticket is printed with a call number. During payment, staff simply scan the barcode printed on the ticket to display all items ordered on the POS.
Delious MIO-WP04

Automatic order transmission to kitchen and call-up for completed orders

Patrons' orders are automatically sent to the kitchen printer and monitor. Once an order has been filled, its number is displayed on a call-up monitor, notifying the patron that it is ready for pickup.
Delious MIO-WP04

Integrates with Delious CLOUD back-office systems

With the POS connected to a Delious CLOUD, you can keep track of sales by Web browser, either from your office or from remote locations.
This not only facilitates sales analysis, but helps with management of master data, profitability, staff attendance, and ordering.
Delious MIO-WP04

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