Real-time cloud system boosts profitability of food & beverage businesses

Cloud-based system provides centralized management of sales, purchasing, and attendance at food & beverage establishments. Track shop performance in real time.
Accessible from anywhere, with no need for expensive servers.

Centralized cloud management of Delious terminals

Even if you manage multiple business or shops, you can centrally manage master data and performance from your head office. Greatly reduces cost and time required for management.

A real-time solution for generating profits

A variety of solutions help you track head office and shop situations in real time and provide direction to locations in a timely manner.

Integrated management of handshaking systems

Delious Cloud provides integrated management of a variety of handshaking systems. For example, it can be used to analyze personnel cost data in combination with the top-ranked TouchOnTime cloud-based attendance system. It also handshakes with the FOODS Info Mart and ASPIT cloud-based ordering and receiving systems for analysis of purchasing costs.

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