Xray Inspection System

With outstanding accuracy and precision, our x-ray machines can detect metal, stone, bone, glass, and more, using our advanced HD and UltraHD technology.

Anritsu X-Ray Inspection Systems give food and pharmaceutical producers the best combination of contaminant detection, reliability, and low total cost of ownership. Anritsu has the advanced technology you can trust to protect your customers from even the smallest contaminants.

With outstanding accuracy and precision, our x-ray machines can detect metal, stone, bone, glass, and more, using our advanced HD and UltraHD technology. Beyond detection, Anritsu X-Ray Inspection provides missing product, shape detection, virtual weight, count, and package check.

Anritsu UltraHD Technology is known for its ability to detect contaminants of only 0.2 mm diameter, including ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless contaminants.

Anritsu HD Systems can detect metal contaminants as small as 0.4mm, and glass and stones at 1.0mm to 2.0 mm.

Best in class inspection capability - 0.2mm diameter metal

The Anritsu UltraHD technology installed in our machines can detect even the most minute contaminants - 0.2 mm diameter ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel spheres at production line speeds. Tuning the algorithm to match the new high-sensitivity sensor easily detects low-contrast contaminants such as bone and plastics.

Package Checks

Packages of sliced ham, etc., are checked to ensure none of the contents is caught in sealed parts.

Missing Product Detection
[Count detection] Inspects the number of pieces per pack of vertically packed biscuits or cookies.

[Virtual weight detection] Shortages in the number of items in a package can be found when the amount is displayed as number of contained pieces and detecting such shortages based on mass is difficult, because each piece has variable mass.

Shape Detection

The shape, area and mass are analyzed from x-ray images to find irregularities including breaks and chips. Missing fillings can also be spotted.

Easy Operation

Projection monitor

The x-ray image is displayed graphically in an easy to read display. Detection limits are easily adjusted to enhance detection sensitivity and reduce false rejections.

Software features
Simultaneous inspection for all types and sizes of contaminants including wire, glass, stone and bone.
Optimized settings per application, 70+ unique algorithms.
Dynamic filters greatly enhance detection with reduction of possible false rejects.
Full auto-learn process - all x-ray settings are learned at the touch of a button.
Password protected - once set the system can be locked out from changes by production staff.
Allows multiple reject criteria including contaminant, virtual weight, count, missing and more.
Full reject log and image capture capability with time/day stamps for all rejected products.
Built-in multi-lane system capability - 1 to 5 lanes.
Stable, repeatable performance
Full auditing capability through Anritsu's Operation Check for HACCP compliance

Tool free belt removal

No tools are required for removing/attaching the conveyor belts and rollers including the front cover and x-ray leakage prevention curtain.

Easy-to-clean design

Anritsu x-ray inspection systems are certified to IP66 dust-proof/waterproof. The system's angled surfaces prevent water from accumulating after system cleaning. The sanitary design line-up with IP69K option is also available.

Simple information management

X-ray images and inspection logs can be saved to the USB memory for HACCP compliance. All Anritsu systems can be connected, via Ethernet, to QUICCA. QUICCA provides line status information, centralized reporting and data storage.

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