DS-520시리즈 방수용 저울은 어디서나 작동되고, 건전지로 작동된다. 300KG까지 중량 용량은 필요에 따란 선택을 할 수 있다.


DS-530은 좋지 않은 환경에서 다양한 범위의 계량 운영범위를 지원을 한다.
- 커다란 5 자리 표시부
- 여섯개 C크기 건전지로서 200시간이상 지속적으로 사용


This counting scale is capable of dealing with a wide variety of items, both large and small, through the skillful control of two sensors. Beginning with paper products (such as flyers), steel, plastic, and wrapping materials, it can count almost anything that you would want to count. After your items are counted, an internal printer prints out labels that can be used as inventory labels when attached to the counted items.


Speed up your counting operations with the useful features of the DC-782. 
- High contrast LCD with backlight
- Compact designed
- 10 preset keys 
- 25 item memory 

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DI-166 series-WP01

DI-166 Series

The DI-166 is an affordable weighing indicator with simplified operation. 
- 1/150,000 internal resolution
- Just 5 operation keys, marked with graphic symbols
- High contrast LCD with backlight

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The DI-620 suits a wide range of weighing applications with multifunctional features. 
- Super-size LCD display with backlight
- High internal resolution of 1/300,000. with display resolution of up to 1/15,000
- Supports up to eight 350 ohm load cells
- Optional dot matrix printer
- RS-232C/USB/set point interface

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The DI-770 is a PC-based multifunctional weighing indicator for use in a variety of industries requiring production/inventory control and traceability are required.  Its networking capability makes it easier to connect with other systems for data management.

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DIX-2000 Series

Features a 7-inch high-brightness color TFT display. With its feature-rich display and multiple interfaces, this indicator supports weighing operations of greater complexity. Variations include the ruggedly-constructed, IP65-compliant DIX-2000 Series, and the general-purpose DIX-1000 Series, providing a range of options to suit varied work environments.

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The DS-167 performs in a wide range of weighing operations in tough environments. Employs a bright LCD with 1/30,000 display resolution.  

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Packed with user-friendly features for weighing operations in any type of location. 
- Light and compact design
- IP65 protection
- 6-digit LCD display
- 1,000 hours of continuous use with 4 C-size dry cell batteries

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The DS-560 offers a variety of weighing capacities to suit various applications, yet provides compact design, bright LED display and user-friendly features such as a one-touch  digital tare subtraction function.  Rechargeable batteries optionally available. 

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IP65 준거의 특수한 방수 기술과 고광도 LED 디스플레이에 의해 다양한 환경에서 사용할 수 있는 일체형 저울입니다.

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DSX-1000 comes equipped with an easy-to-read, 7-inch color LCD panel that helps prevent weight check errors by clearly displaying the weight and setting values.
The scale automatically checks the weight against preset upper and lower limits and notifies the user that the weight is LOW, OK, or HIGH with indicator lights and a built-in audible alarm.
Its full-featured printing functionality (for built-in printer models) lets you better manage the weighing process by providing a print-out with a serial item number, the check result, and the tare amount.
DSX-1000 has a standard RS-232 interface for sending weighing data to a PC or an optional external printer. The interface can also be used to control other equipment.
DSX-1000 also features a large 270.9 x 198.4 mm weighing platter.

Scale platform

용량・재질・크기도 다양하면서 견고한 보디로 내구성이 뛰어난 스케일. 작업 환경이나 용도에 따라 인디케이터와 조합하여 사용하실 수 있습니다.

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Wireless W.M. System

This wireless weighing management system makes it possible to send weight data in real time from Bluetooth®-compatible scales to handy terminals. Collected weight data can then easily be transferred to a computer through the handy terminal's cradle. This eliminates the task of data entry and helps ensure fast and accurate data management.

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