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Bulk Foods Sell-by-weight Shop Debuts at Shibuya MODI
From Monday, November 30th to Friday December 11th for 12 days only
– Buying only the amount you want by the gram is eco-shopping –

Bulk Foods, a full-fledged sell-by-weight store in Kawasaki City, will open its first shop at Shibuya MODI in the event space on the first floor for 12 days only, from November 30th to December 11th.
Bulk Foods specializes in selling products by weight, where you can purchase more than 200 food items and daily necessities by the gram, including organic dried fruits and nuts, freshly prepared nut butters and chocolate, and natural detergents. Selling by weight helps reduce food loss and encouraging customers to bring their own containers is helping to reduce plastic waste. The store is supported by local residents and also by people coming from further away who are particular about the food they buy and are sensitive to global environmental conservation.
To give the younger generation a taste of eco-shopping by weight, Bulk Foods is setting up a pop-up shop at Shibuya Modi, an upscale multi-floor mall located in Shibuya, a trendy area in Tokyo popular with people in their 20s and 30s. At the pop-up shop, you can find an original Shibuya MODI version of the store’s popular nut trail mix, as well as their classic fruit & chocolate trail mix, and a natural formula laundry detergent that is tough on stains and gentle on the texture of clothes. The shop offers around 40 different items that are sold by weight, so you can buy as much or as little as you like.

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Teraoka Seiko, as a pioneer of scales in Japan that developed Japan's first commercial spring scale, is increasing the opportunity for people to experience selling by weight in their daily lives through the development and distribution of sell-by-weight scales, promoting eco-consciousness among consumers for reduction in food loss and single-use disposable waste. At this event, we are supplying our scales to the venue and providing support to ensure the demonstration of selling by weight goes smoothly.
In Europe and the United States, the "Bring Your Own Container (BYOC)" movement is becoming widespread among eco-conscious consumers, who are switching from using disposable containers to bringing their own container to a shop for purchases. In Japan, we too are promoting the BYOC movement as an eco-friendly activity and contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.

Bulk Foods Pop-up Shop Details

Hour: Monday, November 30th to Friday December 11th, 2020 11:00-20:30
Venue: Shibuya MODI 1F Event Space (1-21-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Products: Approx. 40 items, including organic dried fruits, nuts, chocolate, and natural detergent
Cooperation: Teraoka Seiko Co. Ltd.

gramme de eco – by your own container –

Teraoka Seiko is promoting eco-consciousness among consumers for reducing food loss and disposable waste through selling by weight, where items can be purchased by the gram.
We are also promoting the Bring Your Own Container (BYOC) movement, where consumers stop using disposable containers and bring their own container to the store for purchases, as an eco-friendly activity in Japan, and are actively working toward the realization of SDGs, such as the reduction of plastic waste.

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