SM-6000 series, Speed ID and ESL Case Study: Huber's Butchery

Rejuvenate local’s largest specialty butcher store with the latest SM-6000

Huber’s Butcher is the largest specialty butcher shop that offers premium gourmet meats at competitive prices. They are also one of the long-standing customers of DIGI. The latest and largest installation of SM-6000 further complements the modern interior design for Huber’s Butchery.

Mr Ernst Huber, Chairman of Huber’s Butchery, is particularly fond of the 15” customer display. As Huber’s Butchery creates their own videos, the “large customer display with excellent resolution” helps to keep customers entertained while they are waiting to be served.

He mentioned that with the Speed ID allows the management to track operator’s transaction log whenever necessary. Furthermore, the operator’s name is printed on the labels, allowing customers to identify him for service in their next return.

Being a first-time user for linerless labels, he is excited at the potential of a “plain linerless label” with the unique auto-cutter on SM-6000. They are no longer restricted by the length of the labels and enjoys the prerogative of adding more information whenever applicable.

Mr Huber is full of praises for the two units of SM-6000 self-service scales and ESL installed at the Fruits & Vegetable section. He mentioned the following advantages:

  • User-friendly scale with a huge display, allowing customers to be part of the shopping procedure

  • Elegant design and blends in well with the store’s interior design

  • ESL has helped to save time as they do not require manual printing of paper labels for price updates

  • Seamless wireless updates for ESL from backend office on a weekly basis


Customer Profile

Company : Huber’s Butchery
Country : Singapore
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