AW-5600FXII Case Study: REWE Center Michelstadt

REWE-Center Michelstadt (Germany) uses the AW-5600FXII for Self-prepared Convenience Food

The REWE Center Michelstadt was opened in March 2018 with a sales area of 5,100m2. In total, customers can choose from around 40,000 items. The store attaches great importance to offering its customers an atmosphere of well-being and a unique shopping experience. The market focuses on fresh and private label foods. They anticipate an increase in sales of fresh food departments and convenience foods, which they prepare and pack daily. In order to present the products in an attractive and optimal way, they must be properly wrapped, weighed and labeled.


Wrapping of Various Fresh Products

In the convenience food department, the REWE-Center Michelstadt offers its customers not only fresh fruit such as halved melons or fresh fruit combinations, but also products such as chocolate-coated bananas or tomato-mozzarella skewers. In order to obtain a uniform and visually appealing result, we offered the client our semi-automatic weigh wrap labeler AW-5600FXII. The machine can be used to pack items on thin or differently shaped trays, or without a tray. The market can achieve high margins in this area as products are packaged and resold in-house.
The semi-automatic weigh wrap labeler makes the preparation of these goods much more efficient and is also versatile. Products can be packed in trays or individually, such as half of a melon. 


Optimal Packaging Results

The store manager, Mr. Henn, confirms the obvious advantage of the machine: time savings. Significantly less time is needed to wrap and label the products. He also sees other advantages, for example in the optimized product presentation for the end consumer. By wrapping the products with the AW-5600FXII, a consistently accurate and visually appealing packaging result is achieved. Our linerless labels with auto-cut technology automatically adjust the print length to the text. The label is therefore only as big as necessary. In addition, in contrast to the tear-offs on comparable linerless labels, our printer knife creates a precisely cut edge. This also enhances the appearance of the label.

The AW-5600FXII can only be operated from the front. It can be easily integrated into existing equipment and does not take up more space than a normal manual wrapping table. Daily cleaning, material replacement (DIGI wrap and linerless labels) and maintenance are just as easy and carried out from the front. Mr. Henn reports that the machine is also popular with his employees because of its ease of use. The machine can also be operated by employees who have little or no experience in handling this machine. This is a decisive advantage in the case of short-term unforeseen events such as staff absences or the like.


Customer Profile

Company : REWE Center Michelstadt
Country : Germany
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