LI-5600II Case Study: Globus Butcher Shop

Globus Butcher Shop investing in more comfortable and efficient processes with the latest LI-5600 with top and bottom LL printer

Business Needs:

  • Connection to ERP system WinCWS

  • Option to use top and bottom printer to label meat and sausage products in thermoformed packaging



  • LI-5600II, autom. Weighing and Labelling System for packaged goods





The Globus supermarket in Neutraubling, Bavaria, is an established market in the Upper Palatinate and Regensburg area. It offers its customers an extensive selection of groceries and everyday items. Especially the own butcher shop of the market offers customers lots of freshly packaged meat and sausage products.

Globus has already done several projects with DIGI Germany. The latest successful solution that was implemented in December 2020 was the installation of a LI-5600 II with top and bottom Linerless printer at Globus Neutraubling Butcher Shop.

Mr. Holland, master butcher at Globus Neutraubling had already made good experiences with DIGI packaging machines and is convinced of the advantages of our additional products, such as the Linerless technology. He was looking for a solution that would allow him to weigh and label their meat and sausage products from top or bottom, depending on the packaging. Furthermore, he was searching for a machine that would be able to communicate with the existing inventory management system.

Now that the setup is finished and working since December 2020, he is convinced again that working together with DIGI was a good decision. He mentioned the following advantages:

  • Use of top and bottom printer

  • Increase of efficiency in staff and time need

  • Connection to existing inventory management system and easier updates

  • Use of Linerless Labels and advantages of this technology


Customer Profile

Company : Globus Neutraubling; Butcher Shop
Country : Germany
Website :

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