DIGI Shop & Go Promotional Video To Be Released November 13th Showcasing the Fun and Convenience This Next Generation Mobile Shopping Solution Offers!!

“Get going!” Expressing a new shopping experience in light and graceful dance.


  On November 13th, Teraoka Seiko Co. Ltd. will do a simultaneous global release of promotional video for DIGI Shop & Go, its next generation mobile shopping solution, on DIGI Global YouTube channel.

  With DIGI Shop & Go, shoppers scan items with their own smartphone and place them directly into their own shopping bag. Payment is quick and easy at one of the dedicated self-payment stations. As a store solution that all but eliminates the stress of waiting in a checkout line, DIGI Shop & Go offers shoppers a brand new shopping experience.

  These promotional videos were created to convey how enjoyable this new shopping experience can be, so that viewers will want to give DIGI Shop & Go a try. To visually convey how fun and easy shopping can be, the concept of “shopping as dance” was used, with the light and graceful dance movements of a ballerina. As the company is a global enterprise, a model was selected that had ballet experience and a wholesome appearance that would have global appeal to perform the shopping scenes. In addition, staff from the global division played the roles of shoppers in the store and in the checkout lineups.

  The short video has been created to present the merits of DIGI Shop & Go, so that it would be easy for customers to watch them in the store. The merits are “You Can Scan Anything", “Sayonara to Checkout Lines”, “So Easy with My Own Shopping Bag”, “Shopping Smart”, and “No Need to Bring Cash”. 

  For the catch copy, “Get going!” was used as the ending, which combines shopping that’s easy and fun with a wordplay hinting not at checkout without a lineup, but that shoppers can leave conventional checkout behind.



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