The Industry-Academia Collaboration Initiative Nonprofit Organization (IACI) Studies Teraoka Seiko’s Recycling-related Equipment Business

The Industry-Academia Collaboration Initiative Nonprofit Organization (IACI) (Chairman: Ken Senoh) visited Teraoka Seiko’s Osaki Showroom on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, where they inspected the Bottle Squash volume-reducing PET bottle reverse vending machine, one of Teraoka Seiko’s environment-related products, and then exchanged views on our recycling-related equipment business model and on IP management.
As an NPO, IACI has the objective of providing industry, government, universities and the general public with education, venture support, and technology application, as well as performing related dissemination and enlightenment activities, such as holding various seminars on relevant topics. Through these activities, IACI aims at promoting industry-academia collaboration to contribute to the creation of industries and economic revitalization that are based on new technologies.

Teraoka Seiko not only offers environment-related products, but has also planned, proposed, and supported a PET bottle recycling scheme that creates a continuous flow from PET bottle volume reduction, to collection, to recycling, and back to the beverage manufacturer, developing a business model that promotes the creation of a circular economy for society at large. In addition, the volume-reduced used PET bottle material produced by Bottle Squash was successfully registered with the Japan Patent Office as recyclable material rather than being categorized as simply waste. IACI expressed a keen interest in reporting on this as a case study in innovation worthy of dissemination to the general public.
IACI are planning to present their research results for this case study at the 18th Annual Academic Research Symposium of the Intellectual Property Association of Japan in November 2020, under the title "Business Model and IP management in Teraoka Seiko's Recycling-related Equipment Business."


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