Rejector systems for the 700 series machines

DIGI offers a range of rejectors that are easily linked to the 700 series of weigh / labeling machines. The modular design allows rejectors to be integrated onto the frame-work of the weigh/labeler or as a stand alone unit. An optional intelligent pack can be added to giving advanced features.

Stainless steel construction

The stainless steel tubular frame construction of these machines ensures a high quality, durable and strong structure.

Intelligent detection

To ensure pack rejection, the unit can have advanced features such as reject confirmation, bin full and low air detection. Other features include on/off of rejector and reset of rejector, both operated and protected by key lock.

Rejector security

The rejector has a enclosed top guard with interlock and lockable bin with interlock. The high level warning light system ensures any visual alarm is seen. An audible alarm is also present

Push arm rejection

The twin cylinder push arm type rejection offers a high speed, accurate and reliable method to reject a wide range of packs.

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