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Combination scale for accurate and efficient packaging operation


Food Industry

Main Features

TCS-205 is Table-top combination scale for efficient fixed or target weight packaging operation. Ideal solution to reduce excessive weight or eliminates shortage per package.

Improves efficiency of fixed-weight packaging operation

From the items on the 12 weighing platters, TCS-205 finds out the closest combination to the set weight instantly. It is also possible to set the number of piece to achieve the set weight. TCS-205 increases the efficiency of fixed-weight packaging operation where you normally heavily depend on manual adjustment of weight.



Model name TCS-205N TCS-205WP
Number of scales 12
Platter size (mm) D: 135 x W: 195
Capacity 1,500g
Interval 1g(resolution for combination 0.1g)
IP rate Not applicable IP66
Temperature 0° C ~ 40° C
Power supply 100V 50/60Hz