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DIGI linerless labels

Producing significant benefits by eliminating the paper liner
A new paradigm in labeling

  • Main Features
DIGI linerless labels do away with formerly-commonplace paper liners. Instead, a single continuous label is cut by the labeler each time a label is issued. This not only eliminates waste in the form of paper liners, but when used with DIGI's labelers makes it possible to take full advantage of the characteristics of linerless label

Advantages of eliminating the paper liner

Since these labels don't use liners, they simply do not produce paper liner waste. Eliminating the liner means that just that much more label stock can be wound on a roll of given diameter, so you get more labels out of each roll. Since this halves the frequency of roll replacement, downtime for replacement is reduced accordingly, resulting in greater productivity. And not only is label replacement easier, but costs associated with label shipping and storage are reduced as well.
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Achieves auto-label-sizing

Linerless labels make it possible for printers to size labels automatically, a capability that was formerly very difficult.  Since labels are not cut to a predetermined size, label format can be changed as needed to suit specific needs. This eliminates the need to stock labels of different sizes, simplifying the inventory control. 

Helps reduce running cost

With conventional die-cut labels, label size is determined according to the PLU that contains the most printed information, resulting in empty space for PLUs containing fewer lines. DIGI labelers automatically detect and reduce space, so linerless label stock can be used to print labels without wasteful space. This helps to reduce running cost.

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