Compact integrated weigh-wrap-label system

AW-5600CP is the basic model of the 5600 series, providing an impressive 30 packages/minute throughput in a reduced-cost design. The compact form factor retains the full-spec 300 dpi high-res printer and extra-large full-color touchscreen display that are standard with the 5600 series. The newly developed rotational labeler arm allows fully automatic application of linerless labels. Variations include models with manual or automatic label application.

High Productivity

Weighing, wrapping, and labeling can be done in one step at a maximum processing speed of 30 packages/minute. The user friendly extra-large 12.1" full color touch screen allows label print content to be previewed on the display, helping to prevent labeling errors.

Economical & Ecological

A linerless auto-label-sizing feature eliminates unused space on the label and automatically adjusts the label size. Use of linerless labels minimizes waste, integrating environmental friendliness into your everyday work process. AW-5600CP AUTO adopts a newly designed rotational labeler arm to enable automatic label placement of linerless labels.
A newly designed rotational labeler arm

*A newly designed rotational labeler arm

Easy Clean-Up, Every Time

AW-5600CP is designed to be incredibly easy to clean. The parts that come into direct contact with food can be removed in seconds and washed in water. Also, the main unit sits well above the floor to accommodate mopping and sweeping.

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