LIS-CS series

Expert automatic production line package inspection using a high-precision camera/scanner combination.
A variety of inspection/verification checks allows fully automatic detection of labeling defects to substantially save on labor in the label inspection process.

The LIS-CS series easily installs on existing automatic price labeling lines in your food processing facility to provide expert detection of a wide range of labeling defects. Issues such as incorrect labels, missing labels, mismatch of top and bottom labels, and incorrect bar code data are automatically detected at high speed for every product passing through the line. Equipped with a high-precision camera, the LIS-CS series can detect both the type of POP label and the image printed on the packaging material. Its leading-edge scanning system scans the barcode and verifies the readability and the code data in one step. In addition, the barcode data is checked against the image captured by the camera to confirm that there is a match.

Easy new product entry and set-up

Up to now image-based inspection systems required an experienced operator with extensive know-how and knowledge of the settings to successfully input new product entries - not just any operator could do it. With the LIS-CS series, you simply run a sample product through once and follow the on-screen guidance to complete the entry operation. Now anyone can input new product entries with ease.

Different models to handle a wide range of foods

Food categories have unique labeling characteristics and requirements. Whether it's ready meals, sandwiches or box lunches, factors such as the label position, packaging material position, and processing method can be entirely different among categories. The LIS-CS series offers a range of models optimized for the inspection needs of various food processing methods - a label and package inspection  model for most any type of food.

Enhanced inspection history management functionality

The LIS-CS series is equipped with an SD card slot for saving  inspection results to a removable media. You can use the SD card to move the data to a PC for later viewing and long-term storage.

Seamless interoperability with DIGI equipment is standard

The LIS-CS series is designed to directly connect with specific models of DIGI automatic thermal labelers. When used in combination with the DIGI 700 or 800 series labelers, the LIS-CS will automatically switch to the correct product type when you select the product on the labeler.

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