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Large-capacity reverse vending machine that's simple and easy to use for anyone. It provides increased storage capacity, enhances operability, and preserves the quality of the plastic as a recyclable resource.



Main Features

With a track record of approx. 2,500* reverse vending machine installations across Japan, DIGI has added DRV-200 to its lineupーa large-capacity model that holds 2.5 times more bottles than its predecessor. With a universal design that even children can use and enjoy, it provides greater convenience for consumers while improving operability for store staff. By collecting plastic bottles as a high-quality recyclable resource, DRV-200 provides a practical solution toward a circular economy. In the face of growing awareness of SDGs, accelerating trends in plastic use reduction, as well as soaring oil prices, the realization of sustainable recycling schemes, such as the Bottle-to-Bottle initiative, are attracting widespread attention.

*As of November 2022

Based on a 500 ml PET bottle size.

Increased storage capacity and enhanced operability

DRV-200 has a greatly increased storage capacity to 700 bottles compared to the 280 bottles* of the previous mid-size model (DRV-100T). It utilizes two separate collection bins capable of holding 350 bottles each, and the compressed bottles are automatically fed to one of the bins. When one bin fills up, the machine automatically switches to the other bin. A full collection bag of 350 bottles weighs approximately 7 to 8 kg, so it can be easily handled by store staff. And since operation automatically switches to the other bin, there is no need to make customers wait while a full bag is being replaced. Staff can time the bag replacement for when no one is using the machine.
*Based on a 500 ml PET bottle size.


25% increase in processing speed

DRV-200 offers an increased processing speed of 15 bottles/minute (for 500 ml bottles), compared to 12 bottles/minute for the previous model. This helps make processing as stress-free as possible for users that have a large number of bottles to recycle.


Advanced recognition function

A new camera function allows DRV-200 to identify bottles that still have labels or caps attached. Removing the labels and caps helps improve the quality of resource recovery.


IoT support for stable operation

DRV-200 offers an IoT support system that lets store owners comprehensively manage their daily collected bottle counts and loyalty point numbers. The system supports stable operation by monitoring machine status 24/7/365. Store owners and staff will receive an email and voice notification* when errors occur or storage bins are full. This means less stress for both customers and store staff.

*Optional speakers are required for voice notification.


Opportunity to contribute to society and the environment

As with previous models, the bottle inlet is located at a height (1,170 mm) that makes it easy for anyone to use the machine, whether they are an elementary school student or a person in a wheelchair. DRV-200 offers everyone a chance to experience recycling in a simple and fun way.
The machine also has a donation operating mode where the user can select and donate to one of a number of presettable charities shown on the display when they insert a bottle. This gives an opportunity for the consumer’s eco-awareness to take the form of a donation that will contribute to the community and to society as a whole.


Creating a sustainable recycling system with the customer

Installing reverse vending machines creates an entry point to Bottle-to-Bottle recycling (closed-loop recycling). DIGI is contributing to the realization of an SDGs-oriented PET bottle recycling scheme that has merit for each and every stakeholder.



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Basic Specifications

External Dimensions
(W × D × H)
1090 mm × 800 mm × 1,250 mm
Bottle inlet height: 1,170 mm
Net Weight Approx. 260 kg
Storage Capacity
(Based on 500 ml PET bottle size)
Approx. 700 bottles (Approx. 350 bottles per side)
Collection Bin Size 455 mm (W) x 775 mm (D) × 535 mm (H) (x 2)
Collection Bag Size 1,200 mm (W) x 1,500 mm (H) 0.05 mm or greater thickness recommended
Bottle Cap Collection Bag Size 300 mm (W) x 530 mm (H) x 140 mm (D)
Power Supply Voltage/Power Consumption Single phase 100 V / 1.1 kW
Power Supply Connector Flat blade two-pole plug with grounding prong 125 V 15 A rating
Operating Environment (Temperature/Humidity) 5 to 35 ℃ 80% RH (max) (non-condensing)
Volume Reduction Method Compaction with pre-cutting
Processing Speed Approx. 15 bottles/min (approx. 13 bottles/min when camera function used)
Compatible Bottle Types PET plastic beverage bottles
Compatible Bottle Sizes φ45 x 116 mm (150 ml) to φ110 (90 mm (D) x 110 mm (W) x 310 mm (2 L)
(Standard sizes)
Bottle Feeding Method Tap on touch panel or use of readers
Card reader: contactless NFC
Operating Noise Level Max. 68.7 dB (63 dB during normal operation)
Bottle Material Recognition Decision using combination of the camera and all sensor inputs
Display 7.0 inch TFT color display
Touch Panel Capacitive touch panel
Communications 4G mobile router



Large-capacity model


This large-capacity model holds 2.5 times more than the previous mid-size model, providing increased storage capacity, enhanced operability, and high quality resource recovery.
Storage capacity has been greatly increased to the equivalent of 700 500ml PET bottles. It utlizes two separate collection bins that hold 350 bottles each, and the compressed bottles are automatically fed to one of the bins. When one bin fills up, the machine automatically switches to the other bin.

Compact model


This is the standard model in the Bottle Squash series of reverse vending machines that reduce the volume of plastic bottles of up to 2 liters in size. Storage capacity is approximately 180 bottles (*). The bottle inlet is located lower down on the unit so that even children can experience the fun of recycling.
*Based on a 500 ml PET bottle size.

Mid-size model


The larger capacity of this mid-size model reduces the number of times the collection bags must be replaced. Storage capacity is approximately 280 bottles*, about 1.5 times more than the standard model. The shape of the collection bin is designed to allow smooth collection bag replacement when the bin is full.
*Based on a 500 ml PET bottle size.