Large-capacity reverse vending machine that's simple and easy to use for anyone. It provides increased storage capacity, enhances operability, and preserves the quality of the plastic as a recyclable resource.

Large-capacity model


This large-capacity model holds 2.5 times more than the previous mid-size model, providing increased storage capacity, enhanced operability, and high quality resource recovery.
Storage capacity has been greatly increased to the equivalent of 700 500ml PET bottles. It utlizes two separate collection bins that hold 350 bottles each, and the compressed bottles are automatically fed to one of the bins. When one bin fills up, the machine automatically switches to the other bin.
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Compact model


This is the standard model in the Bottle Squash series of reverse vending machines that reduce the volume of plastic bottles of up to 2 liters in size. Storage capacity is approximately 180 bottles (*). The bottle inlet is located lower down on the unit so that even children can experience the fun of recycling.
*Based on a 500 ml PET bottle size.
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Mid-size model


The larger capacity of this mid-size model reduces the number of times the collection bags must be replaced. Storage capacity is approximately 280 bottles*, about 1.5 times more than the standard model. The shape of the collection bin is designed to allow smooth collection bag replacement when the bin is full.
*Based on a 500 ml PET bottle size.
  • drv100_WP07_02

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