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Pure water solutions

Attract shoppers to your store with pure, safe water

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Provide delicious, made-to-order pure water as a service to attract customers to your store.

Water is purified by reverse osmosis filtration to remove organic substances contained in tap water. Making pure & safe water continuously available will increase visits to your store.

Customer Needs

  • Reduce CO2 emissions associated with bottled water
  • Services to assist food safety for households
  • Increase frequency of store visits


Increases frequency of store visits

Pure water dispensed into specially provided plastic bottles can be used as safe drinking water. Because it is soft water, it is well-suited for cooking. Customers of all ages can use pure water in a wide variety of ways, such as brewing tea and coffee, watering whisky and other drinks, and cooling hot infant formula, so providing pure water as a continuous service is a sure way to increase the frequency of store visits.

Helps solidify your valuable customer base

Store loyalty program cards can be used as membership cards for water dispensing, helping to encourage enrollment of new loyalty program members. Membership cards can also be used to set dual pricing structures and limit quantities provided, allowing water dispensers to be used as a more effective sales promotion tool. Using loyalty program cards as membership cards for water dispensing encourages shoppers to carry their cards all the time and helps to solidify your valuable customer base. 

Filter out radioactive materials

In Japanese market, interest in supermarket water dispensing machines, and particularly machines that use reverse osmosis filtration systems, has increased dramatically since the Great East Japan Earthquake. This originates with experiments involving measurement of radioactive material removal from tap water by ECOA, which was conducted with the cooperation of the Iitate village office, Fukushima Prefecture in March 2011. The village used ECOA to filter tap water collected at the village, and then had the water tested by a third party organization, which certified its effectiveness at removing radioactive substances (see figure below). This capability helps ease your customers' feelings of insecurity about the water they drink, while fostering feelings of loyalty to your store.