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Eco-friendly packaging

Sustainable solutions for a greener future



Create an environmentally friendly future with DIGI's advanced technology

Customer awareness of environmental sustainability is growing, and addressing environmental issues has become an important factor for companies in gaining customer trust. We have been committed to reducing our environmental footprint earlier than any other company. DIGI's advanced technology has been supporting retailers in enhancing their actions toward the environment.

Customer Needs

  • Minimizing the Use of Plastic Materials
  • Working with Consumers toward environmental sustainability
  • Reducing Food Waste at Stores and Homes
  • Reducing Both Environmental Footprint and Operating Costs


Top seal packaging reduces plastic use

Are you looking for a solution to reduce plastic usage?
DIGI provides a packaging solution that minimizes plastic usage in tray packaging. Unlike wrapping the whole tray with film, this "top seal" packaging method uses only one quarter of the film size.

Full size fruits and vegetables are too much for single

Customers, especially those with smaller families or living alone, often feel that whole fruits and vegetables are too much. With DIGI's technology, which detects the size of irregularly shaped produce, fruits and vegetables can be effortlessly wrapped without the need for trays. This enables retailers to offer a wider and better assortment of fruits and vegetables tailored to their customers' needs, ultimately reducing food waste caused by overbuying.

DIGI's unique techonology - super-stretch

Super-stretch technology means less amount of film is required to cover the products. This significantly reduces the amount of film usage, achieving resource conservation and cost reduction.

Linerless labels were first implemented industry-wide by DIGI

Major feature of linerless labels is that they can simultaneously reduce liner waste. Moreover, the reduction in the use of the wood, water, and electricity needed for producing paper liners is an effective way of contributing to lowering both cost and environmental impact. DIGI's linerless label is putting zero waste into practice by significantly reducing the consumption of paper, one of society’s invaluable resources.