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Versatile automatic thermal labeler


Food Industry

Main Features

AP-700 is a general purpose automatic labeler with easy to use large color display. Flexibly meets various demands for new label layout and format.


Large display for easy operation

A 12.1-inch LCD display has high visibility and makes operation very easy. Label format design can be done flexibly by following instructions on the screen.


Clear print image

A 300dpi thermal print head together with a wide variety of fonts provides excellent printing. Also prints QR codes.


Flexible and easy label designing

Designing new label formats is very easy for anybody. Labels and product databases can be created on a computer, and then transferred to the labeler via a USB memory.



  • AP-700-WP05-1
  • AP-700-WP05-2
  • AP-700-WP05-3
Printing method Thermal printing
Label print speed max. 200mm/sec.
Package size Width: 50 to 240 mm
Length: 70 to 350mm
Height: 15 to 190mm
Label size (for U type) Width: 40 to 80mm
Length: 28 to 100mm
Label size (for U type/High precision applicator) Width: 20 to 80m
Length: 20 to 100mm
Label size (for B type) Width: 40 to 80mm
Length: 28 to 80mm
Label outer diameter 200mm with 76mm core
Power consumption 59.2 to 86.5W/270 to 540W (dependig on configuration)
Measurement (mm) W: 681 x L: 750 x H: 1545
Conveyor height 800±50mm
Power supply 100V  or 220 to 240V single phase
Conveyor speed 0 to 50mm/min.(adjustable)
Air source Top application max. 1.61ℓ/label Bottom application max. 2.36ℓ/label


Top and bottom applicator

Model AP-700UB AP-700U AP-700B
AP-700UB AP-700U AP-700B
Top applicator
Bottom applicator



Split conveyor

Suitable for thin products.

Automatically checks labels placed on the bottom side of the product.  Different options available.

Option name description
Head checker Print head checking to prevent erroneous labels