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Rejector systems for the 700 series machines


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Main Features

DIGI offers a range of rejectors that are easily linked to the 700 series of weigh / labeling machines. The modular design allows rejectors to be integrated onto the frame-work of the weigh/labeler or as a stand alone unit. An optional intelligent pack can be added to giving advanced features.


Stainless steel construction

The stainless steel tubular frame gives durable construction of these machines which ensures a high quality, durable and strong structure - Processor Grade.


Intelligent detection

To ensure pack rejection, the unit can have advanced features such as reject confirmation, bin full and low air detection. Other features include on/off of rejector and reset of rejector, both operated and protected by key lock, allowing lockable bin for security.


Rejector security

The rejector has a enclosed top guard with interlock and lockable bin with interlock. The high level warning light system ensures any visual alarm is seen. An audible alarm is also present


Push arm rejection

The twin cylinder push arm type rejection offers a high speed, accurate and reliable method to reject a wide range of packs, using a sweeping arm for dual rejection.



  • RJ-700-WP05-1
  • RJ-700-WP05-2
Pack speed up to 150ppm (dependant on pack size)
Pack size (for 800mm conveyor) Length: 80 to 475mm, Width: 40 to 250mm
Pack size (for 425mm conveyor) Length: 80 to 300mm, Width: 40 to 250mm
Alarms - audible & visual (intelligent pack) Open guard/bin, bin full, pack confirmation, low air pressure
Cover Stainless steel / polymer



RJ-700 with 425mm long conveyor

RJ-700 425mm conveyor

The RJ-700 can be supplied in two conveyor lengths.
The standard 800mm and 425mm. The two sizes are build to the same specification with both having the option to be intelligent or non-intelligent.

Sweep arm rejector (Diverter)

Sweep arm rejector

This rejector / diverter is an independent framed unit which has the versatility of having single or twin arm operation. Compatible for connection to a weigh price labeler or checkweigher. The swing arm uses a compact rotary actuator for accurate reject / divert arm placement. Stainless steel tubular frame construction. Quick release conveyor system. Integration with 700 series weighing machines.

Drop flap rejector

Drop flap rejector

The drop flap unit is designed to be mounted to the chassis of the 700 series weigh price labeler. Supplied in 378mm and 493mm width versions, the unit is fully integrated with the connected weigh price labeler controlling conveyor speed and reject timing. Stainless steel construction and quick release conveyor.



Intelligent pack for RJ-700

The 425mm or the 800mm RJ-700 can be fitted with an intelligent pack which give the rejector advanced features such as low air detection, reject pack confirmation and reject bin full. The high level light stack and audible alarm will also operate.


  • Are the machines stand alone?
    The RJ-700 ( 425mm & 800mm) and sweep arm are independent framed units but must be connected to the weigh unit (E.G. HI-700) for conveyor motor speed power and control. The Drop flap rejector is mounted to the chassis of the 700 series weigh price labeler.
  • Does the machine stop if there is no air pressure?
    If the optional intelligent pack is fitted, when the air pressure falls below the pre-set value to operate the machine, the machine will stop and an alarm will sound.
  • Will the machine stop if reject pack is not rejected?
    If the optional intelligent pack is fitted, a reject pack must be seen by the pack confirmation sensor when rejected, if not the machine will stop and alarm will sound.