PC-Based Scales SM-5300B Case Study:BOB & ROY'S

SM5300, flexible and reliable partner of BOB & ROY'S

Business Needs:

BOB & ROY'S is a chain of online and offline nut stores. They have three stores that have a market feel to them. They are placed in strategic locations in The Netherlands. Their assortment of nuts is very large.
The concept is basically a self-service market where the customer can make his own combinations. They needed a simple yet reliable balance (it’s the only balance they have in the store) which can cope with different payment modalities



  • Mobile payment
  • Making the DIGI SM5300B work with the cash payment systems.
  • Combination with a cash machine


A perfectly integrated scale that gives the customer all paying options.
A sturdy scale that can perfectly work on its own


BOB & ROY'S Story

BOB & ROY'S are a chain of online and offline nut retailers. They have created a unique concept of market-like shops in strategically important places in The Netherlands. It’s a self-service concept that allows the customer to pick his own assortment.

The shops have a very market-like feel to it. They are always in very strategic places with a lot of passers-by. The concept is to give the customers a very fast shopping experience without really going into a shop. The design of the shops is modern and open. Every shop holds a large assortment of high quality nuts and dried fruit. All the goods are in bulk, so the scale is essential. The customer choose a SM5300B, because it’s small, flexible and reliable. Buying nuts and dried fruit is often impulsive that’s why it’s important to offer the customer as much payment options as possible.

The SM5300B is also connected to a Glory cash machine. This is very important, as the customer wants to keep cash money as safe as possible. In The Netherlands, most transitions are made by card and mobile but cash is still important. That’s why the connection with the Glory cash machine is crucial. Glory and DIGI are partners in several cases. Every store has only one scale, so reliability is very important.



Customer Profile

Company : BOB & ROY'S
Country : The Netherlands
Website : https://bobroys.nl/

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