Stylish & compact POS

Even with its built-in receipt printer, the space-saving A4 fits into counter space measuring about the size of a piece of standard A4 paper. The separate numeric keyboard next to the LCD touch panel provides superior operability, and receipts are rapidly delivered by the printer's horizontal delivery mechanism. Mechanical reliability is boosted by means of diskless, fanless construction.

Space-conserving design helps keep countertops clear

Fitting into a space that measures about the size of a sheet of standard A4 paper, the A4 POS helps maximize effective use of countertops. The angle of the LCD touch panel is adjustable in two dimensions, letting operators face customers directly for better service.

Supports connection of kitchen printers (optional)

Kitchen printers can be connected to the POS, allowing it to print kitchen tickets. Order numbers appearing on receipts are also printed on kitchen tickets, helping to ensure smooth delivery of orders to patrons.

Diskless, fanless construction assures extended reliability

Using no fan or hard disk, use of moving parts is minimized to provide reliable long-term operation. The receipt exit is equipped with a dust flap, helping to keep the printer mechanism clean.

Integrates with Delious CLOUD back-office systems

With the POS connected to a Delious CLOUD, you can keep track of sales by Web browser, either from your office or from remote locations.
This not only facilitates sales analysis, but helps with management of master data, profitability, staff attendance, and ordering.

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