A pure water vending machine

ECOA delivers pure, delicious and safe water with three types of filtration systems including reverse osmosis systems. It removes most organic contaminants, such as trihalomethanes and nitrate nitrogen, as well as radioactive materials. By providing water of reliable quality to local residents,   ECOA increases the frequency of customer visits and enhances your corporate image.

High water purification performance

Almost all organic contaminants are removed from tap water using a 3-stage filtration system. Elimination of radioactive material has also been demonstrated, with 600Bq/kg of radioactive iodine removed from tap water to the extent that it cannot be detected. (Kaken Report No. 10X03228O-2)

Water-saving function

ECOA prevents waste of valuable water resources without compromising the performance of reverse osmosis membranes by using a patented recirculatory system.

Safety features

Before water is dispensed, water in the system is drained so that fresh, pure water is supplied each time. A variety of functions are also provided to assure water security, including a locking mechanism for the water supply door, an automatic cleaning function for all water paths, and a UV sterilization function for caps.

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