Super-fast self-payment cashier stations with distributed scanning and payment

DIGI has developed a completely new POS concept that separates the scanning and payment processes.  With WebSpeezaC, cashiers scan purchases and set discount prices. With QCashier, shoppers handle payment by themselves.  Leaving payment to shoppers greatly increases checkout productivity by about 160% (DIGI measurement). 

Using payment tickets for checkout puts emphasis on speed

After purchases have been scanned by the cashier, a payment ticket is given to the shopper.
This leaves the cashier free to service the next shopper, while the shopper receiving the payment ticket goes to find an available QCashier.
This maximizes checkout speed and reduces shoppers' queueing time.

Payment at designated payment station for greater shopper convenience

With this system, the cashier sends payment data to an available payment station after purchases have been scanned. The shopper then proceeds to the designated payment station and makes payment. Even first-time shoppers can make payments with ease.

Forgotten change prevention

Payment stations have a forgotten change prevention function to help keep shoppers from forgetting to take their change. Receipts are issued only after shoppers take their change, so no shopper who needs a receipt can forget to take their change.

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