Cash Management System

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Re-engineer your cash management process and optimize business flow

DIGI's Cash management system re-engineers the operation process and totally removes the burden from cash handling from cashiers. Change fund in your store will efficiently reduced at the same time.

Customer Needs

  1. Control over cash transactions
  2. Reduce cashier stress
  3. Rationalize daily cash reconciliation
  4. Reduce POS downtime due to change fund shortage

Optimize the cash balances

Cash replenishment is normally done per register.  Our cash management system changed the concept of cash replenishment, and propose to monitor the total change fund in the store instead, since the replenish change amount varies per register.  When a register is short of change, replenish will be done from a register with excess in change. This result a huge reduction in total change fund in the store.

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Reduce cash handling cost

Since change funds are replenished between self-payment stations, the traffic with back office to refill is reduced.
When change cannot be replenished between self-payment stations, an instruction is issued to pick up change funds from the office.

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Improve security

By compulsory scanning of employee ID bar-codes, a transaction by each employee can be monitored.     
Further, by limiting the accessibility, unauthorized personnel will be kept away from handling money.
This helps maintain the security of cash management.

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Automate daily closing process

Closing procedures, formerly required for each payment station, can now be done all at once with a single command from the payment station manager. Since all reckoning and cash collection is done at once, work time is reduced with minimized human errors.

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