Checkout Revolution

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DIGI's Checkout Revolution offers solutions to improve service at checkout making shoppers feel comfortable releasing stress from waiting time which has been considered inevitable.

Solutions are available to meet different kind of needs from stores. Speed Self increases productivity of checkout operation. EZShopQR supports checkout with pre-scanning. WebSpeeza, full self-scanning system is also available.

Customer Needs

  1. Minimize waiting time at checkout
  2. Reduce cashier staffing problem
  3. Eliminate cashier errors
  4. Increase total service level at checkout

Speed Self vs conventional POS: comparison of checkout speed

Comparing the checkout speed of QCashier with conventional POS. 

Speed Self boosts checkout productivity tremendously

With typical checkout operation,  approximately 45% of the total checkout time is payment transactions with shoppers. This part is hard to improve even by trained cashiers since it heavily depends on shoppers.  With Speed Self, cashiers scan products on WebSpeezaC scanning POS, then, let shoppers proceed to self-payment station QCashier to make payment by themselves using QCashier.  Then the cashiers can take care of the next shoppers already well before the former shopper completes the payment transaction.  As a result, the productivity can be improved by as much as 160% (based on DIGI measurements).

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Speed Self will help reducing total number of checkout and cashier staffing problems

Speed Self can handle about 1.6 times more shoppers than conventional single-operator checkout. This surpasses the rate achieved even with two operator system, allowing stores to reduce the  number of checkout lanes. It also allows a smaller number of cashier during peak business hours. 

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Speed Self reduces checkout waiting time for comfortable shopping experience

With Speed Self's increased checkout efficiency, shoppers don't have to wait long in checkout queues. As the productivity increased, there will be less people waiting at self-payment station.  Shoppers will be able to leave the store feeling a lot more comfortable with less stress from long waiting time. 

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Release cashiers from cash handling

Speed Self releases cashiers from the burden from cash handling.  This eliminates discrepancy in the remaining change in the cash box at the same time.  Speed Self can make cashiers concentrate more in customer services.

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EZShopQR busting queues at checkout

EZShopQR is so much easy to use for anybody.  At peak hours when the queue at checkout gets long, any staff in the store can help scanning items in the cart while shoppers are still waiting in the queue.  By the time shoppers come to the checkout, scanning is completed.  Then, pass the payment ticket given when the scanning was done to the cashier to complete payment transaction.  This scan as you are waiting concept reduce total checkout time a lot.

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WebSpeeza is easy to use full self-service POS for anyone

WebSpeezaJ a full self-service POS is very easy to use even for a shopper who uses it for the first time.  Stress free shopping for anybody.

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