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Various capacities and sizes to adapt to any operational needs

Scale platform


Main Features

The DIGI Scale Platform assures accurate weighing operation for a wide range of industrial and food retailing applications. The platforms use high quality loadcells that are remarkably durable and shockproof even when subjected to extreme overloads.



  • プラットフォーム型スケール-WP05-1
  • Scale platform-WP05-2


Model  Capacity Dimensions
S-GA 60/150/300kg 368X488X97mm
S-GB 60/150/300kg 500x600x100mm
S-GC 150/300/600kg 700x800x120mm
S-GD 30/60/150kg 350x400x85mm
S-GH 60/150/300kg 450x500x95mm
S-QA 30/60/150/300kg 350x500x85mm
S-QB 60/150/300/600kg 560x700x100mm
S-S 30/60/150kg 420x318x95mm
S-T   60/150/300kg 520x415x107mm
S-U 60/150/300kg 700x598x116mm
S-V 600kg 700x598x146mm
S-WP 6/15/30kg 336x246x112mm
S-WQ 6/15/30kg 341x285x112mm
S-YA 30/60/150kg 380x380x90mm
S-YB 60/150/300kg 480x480x96mm
S-YC 500g/1kg/2.5kg/5kg/10kg/25kg 341x284x120mm
S-YD 30/60/150/300kg 400x400x105
S-YE 30/60/150/300kg 400x400x105
WPP 30/60/150kg 480x380x113mm