DIX-2000 series-WP02

DIX-2000 Series

Function-rich indicator with large full-color display and high-level communications ability

Features a 7-inch high-brightness color TFT display. With its feature-rich display and multiple interfaces, this indicator supports weighing operations of greater complexity. Variations include the ruggedly-constructed, IP65-compliant DIX-2000 Series, and the general-purpose DIX-1000 Series, providing a range of options to suit varied work environments.

Application-enhancing sub-display

When using the weight checker function, a high-visibility color display and buzzer work together to indicate measurement of targeted weights. The weight itself is displayed in large numerals, while the degree of weight variance based on past measurements is displayed as a graph, making it easy to make QA-related decisions. 
DIX-2000 series-WP04-1


Multiple interfaces

RS-232C (1 port), set point output, external input remote key, and LAN connection function are all provided as standard features. Memory holds up to 1,000 items, and can store information on up to 5,000 weighing operations. Data can also be transferred using a special USB memory (sold separately). A powerful ally for managing weighing data.

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