DIX-2000 Series

Features a 7-inch high-brightness color TFT display. With its feature-rich display and multiple interfaces, this indicator supports weighing operations of greater complexity. Variations include the ruggedly-constructed, IP65-compliant DIX-2000 Series, and the general-purpose DIX-1000 Series, providing a range of options to suit varied work environments.


DTO-700 is thermal transfer printer to be built into various machines. You can print data on the package on-demand without increasing the foot print of the packaging system. DTO-700 will increase operation efficiency by eliminating label stock or manual label application.


Delious Express IPT-400 incorporates a flexible, scalable and fully integrated restaurant point of sales system. Designed for both full service and quick service restaurants, it comes with a 15 inch Touchscreen, a built-in printer, and an interactive customer display that is able to show effective advertisement to boost sales and enhance customer service. 
- 7 Inch Color Operator Touch Screen Display
- Built in with a fast speed, receipt printer
- Software is implemented with
- Intuitive user interface
- Effective Table Management features
- Customer friendly features
- Multi language support features
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