A high-functioning and eco-friendly digital counting scale
capable of counting a variety of items and equipped with a linerless printer

This counting scale is capable of dealing with a wide variety of items, both large and small, through the skillful control of two sensors. Beginning with paper products (such as flyers), steel, plastic, and wrapping materials, it can count almost anything that you would want to count. After your items are counted, an internal printer prints out labels that can be used as inventory labels when attached to the counted items.

One machine to deal with a wide variety of items

At a glance it appears to be just another scale, but the interior is equipped with two load cell sensors using a two-stage load cell system. Through skillful control of these two sensors, this single scale is able to count a wide variety of items, large and small.
In addition, the scale has been made space saving, and can be smartly positioned even in areas with limited space.

Equipped with a linerless printer that eliminates backing paper

This printer uses ecological and economical linerless labels (labels without backing paper). No backing papers means less paper waste and a longer roll that reduces the need to change out the label paper.

Print the perfect label for each transaction or product

As a number of label formats can be recorded, labels can be printed to respond to a variety of needs, such as different label designs for each customer or transaction and labels of different lengths to match product sizes.
Linerless labels are auto-cut to match the amount of printed information in any format, so there is no waste.

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