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Case study


SM-6000 First installation in Greece

Katefidis Stavros

Katefidis Stavros, is an independent butcher store, the owner’s find SM-6000 scale appealing and has an interest in the design and especially the display size and orientation of the scale.

Newitt's of Thame

“We have changed things greatly, and with the COVID situation it has been a different business model to what we were previously doing… We have to try and adapt, and now we have the systems in place that will allow us to change if we need to, should the situation worsen. “ – Tom Newitt

DIGI integrated solutions enhance customer experience in FairPrice’s largest hypermarket


“A perennial supporter of DIGI's integrated weighing solutions, FairPrice is delighted to leverage DIGI’s expertise once again to strengthen its commitment in providing convenience to customers”.

SM-6000SSR makes its first inauguration in largest supermarket chains in Italy


“We were able to integrate DIGI weighing instruments with other value-added solutions, such as queue management kiosks and multi-channel communication”. -Fabio Calafato, PAC2000A IT system manager

First Pilot Cheese Connoisseur Store opens in the Netherlands with SM-6000


The founder was happy when we introduce the SM-6000 & ESL to them. He mentions “It’s the technology that is professional and modern that goes with the time”.

DIGI solutions change the rules of the game for future retail supermarkets

Unicoop Tirreno

“SM-6000 is for high-end users, who wants to add design and new features to the store concept”. -Federico Tanesini, Manging Director of DIGI Italia

SM-6000 installation for Athienitis Supermarket

Agrokipiotis Butchery

Stepping up their game in modern retail with SM-6000 and ESL installation.

Rejuvenate local’s largest specialty butcher store with the latest SM-6000

Huber's Butchery

Mr Ernst Huber, Chairman of Huber’s Butchery, is particularly fond of the 15” customer display. He mentioned “large customer display with excellent resolution” helps to keep customers entertained while they are waiting to be served.

Game changer for AlphaMega Hypermarkets with SM-6000

Alphamega Hypermarket

New retail solutions to remain competitive.

Independent retailers explore new retail solutions to stay competitive

Unal Butchery

New retail solutions to stay competitive.

Technology-driven concept store featuring the latest SM-6000 scale and ESL

Cold Storage Fusionopolis

Mr Rolex, store manager of One North Cold Storage shared that the “sleek, unique and modern outlook of SM-6000” completes the futuristic store concept, the first fully self-checkout store in Singapore.

Reinvents the traditional business and experience with new retail innovation through SM-6000EV scale

Dish The Fish

The new age fishmongers reinvents daily operations and customers experience with the revolutionary SM-6000 scale and e.Labels with hi-touch.

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