RM-5800BS is an easy-to-operate self-service scale. It features a large, multi-media display and is compatible with a range of DIGI back-office software.

RM-5800BS is a self-service scale that boasts an easy-operation multi-media display. It utilizes SFTP and HTTP protocols in addition to FTP and TCPIP protocols to ensure security, and it supports linerless labels. The scale is also compatible with DIGI back-office software such as @Label.

Less-frequent label changes improves efficiency.

RM-5800BS is compatible with DIGI's Linerless Labels. The absence of label backing means more labels per roll. This reduces the need for frequent label changes, creating greater efficiency for you and greater satisfaction for your customers. Labels of varying sizes can be printed with a single roll, so you can cut your label stock in half. 

Multi-media display with simple interface.

The large, touch-panel multi-media display makes this scale easy for customers to use, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience.

Enhanced security with SFTP and HTTP.

The scale utilizes SFTP and HTTP protocols in addition to FTP and TCPIP. This ensures that the information sent between your scale and back-office software remains secure.

Unified scale management with @Label software.

Easily manage scale data and label time with DIGI's @Label software. This cloud-based service allows you to monitor machine status in a single store or over multiple stores. If a machine drops out of service, an alert is sent immediately, contributing to speedy problem resolution.

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