LIS-CS series

The LIS-CS series easily installs on existing automatic price labeling lines in your food processing facility to provide expert detection of a wide range of labeling defects. Issues such as incorrect labels, missing labels, mismatch of top and bottom labels, and incorrect bar code data are automatically detected at high speed for every product passing through the line. Equipped with a high-precision camera, the LIS-CS series can detect both the type of POP label and the image printed on the packaging material. Its leading-edge scanning system scans the barcode and verifies the readability and the code data in one step. In addition, the barcode data is checked against the image captured by the camera to confirm that there is a match.


The VIS-Mi is an intelligent camera system able to check printed areas of a label for errors. The automatic in-line machine allows fast and continuous inspection of every labeled pack on the production line.
VIS-S1 & S2-WP01

VIS-S1 & S2

The VIS-S1 and VIS-S2 are intelligent vision inspection camera systems able to check printed areas of a label for errors. The manual operation of these machines allows the quality assurance of a number of production lines using a single machine.
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