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Delious 複数店舗向けオーダーエントリー-WS02

Order entry system for multiple outlets



Main Features

Delious order entry terminals provide a range of solutions suitable for your restaurant types. It can provide great promotional effect, helping to improve restaurant patronage. Delious terminals also greatly improve restaurant outlet profitability when used together with the Delious CLOUD back-office system.

Delious 複数店舗向けオーダーエントリー-WP04

Handy terminal

Easy-to-use handy terminal helps eliminate errors and omissions when taking orders. Servers can enter orders through the touch panel simply by following on-screen directions. Complicated set menus can also easily be displayed.
Further, the entire staff can keep track of open tables throughout multiple floors and room, helping to seat patrons quickly and efficiently.

Delious 複数店舗向けオーダーエントリー-WP04

Order terminal

Installs in any convenient location, such as a pantry, for entry of orders from patrons. Its built-in printer can also serve as a kitchen printer. This terminal is ideal for high-end restaurants and establishments that do not use handy terminals.

Delious 複数店舗向けオーダーエントリー-WP04

Scanner pen for self-ordering systems, Delitouch

This scanner pen is for use by patrons, allowing them to place their own orders. Allowing patrons to place their own orders eliminates the work of order taking, almost a third of the work load of floor staff. The labor savings that result can be applied to table arrangement and customer service, helping to raise the hospitality of your establishment. 

Delious 複数店舗向けオーダーエントリー-WP04

Integrates with Delious CLOUD back-office systems

With the POS connected to a Delious CLOUD, you can keep track of sales by Web browser, either from your office or from remote locations.
This not only facilitates sales analysis, but helps with management of master data, profitability, staff attendance, and ordering.



  • Delious 複数店舗向けオーダーエントリー-WP05-1
  • Delious 複数店舗向けオーダーエントリー-WP05-2
  • Delious 複数店舗向けオーダーエントリー-WP05-3

Ordering Terminal

Dimensions (mm) W: 323 × D: 363 × H: 287
Net weight 9kg

Handy Terminal

Dimensions (mm) W: 76 × D: 16 × H: 119
Net weight 164g

Kitchen Printer

Dimensions (mm) W: 177 × D: 165 × H: 248
Net weight 3.2kg