Scanner pen terminal for self ordering

Delitouch is a scanner pen terminal for self ordering from existing menus. Giving control over ordering to your patrons increases productivity of your entire staff and helps boost hospitality of your establishment. 

Use menu books

With Delitouch, patrons order from menu books with which they are already familiar, making it easy for anyone young or old to find the items they want. 

No need to reduce seating space

Unlike former self-order terminals, use of menu books and wireless scanner pens for ordering does not require electrical work at individual tables. The scanner pens do not require a special terminal stand, so there is no need to reduce seating space either.

Network-based sales management

With the POS connected to a Delious CLOUD, you can keep track of sales by Web browser, either from your office or from remote locations.
This not only facilitates sales analysis, but helps with management of master data, profitability, staff attendance, and ordering.

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