AI picking carts-WP02

AI picking carts

Picking carts with built-in scales enable simultaneous picking and quantity verification

Product Model PKG-4000 PKG-4000F PKG-3100 PKG-3100D PKG-2100
Type Multi-cart (vertical type) Multi-cart (front-on type) Single cart Single cart (detachable type) Mini-cart
Display Display 8.4-inch TFT LCD (SVGA) touch panel
Wireless communication Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b
Scanner Compatible barcode types UPC, EAN, JAN, CODE39, ITF
Operating time (handy scanner) 12,000 scans, charges in 2.5 hours
Printer Print method Thermal printer
Print size 80(W)x120(L) mm
Scales Maximum load weight 30 kg
Display resolution 1/30,000
Internal resolution  1/60,000
Number of scales 4 4 1 1 2
Power supply Continuous operating time 8 hours or better (front-on type cart)  * Varies according to manner used and environment.
Type Lithium-ion battery
Charging time 10 hours
Charging system DIGI Chain charging (charges up to 5 units at once)
Cart Service temperature 5 to 35℃ during operation, 0 to 55℃ in storage
Service humidity 20 to 80% RH (no condensation)
Frame material Aluminum
Dimensions (mm) W: 570 x H: 1140 x D: 1350 W: 830 x H: 1024 x D: 841 W: 570 x H: 1050 x D: 1285 W: 620 x H: 1130 x D: 625
W: 400 x H: 961 x D: 948
Weight 45 kg 45 kg 34 kg 40 kg 32 kg

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