WebSpeezaSL-S / WebSpeezaSL-W

Tower-style checkout lane POS with dual-operator and single-operator-3-customer operating modes

DIGI offers a choice of tower-style POS models to suit your store's needs. WebSpeezaSL-W is the standard dual-operator model, while WebSpeezaSL-S is for single-operator use.
WebSpeezaSL-W supports DIGI's unique single-operator-3-customer operating mode. This allows a single operator to handle up to three customer transactions at the same time.

Cashier-friendly layout optimized for scanning operations

A large 15-inch screen provides a highly readable display for easy operation. The keyboard is located to the right of the screen and lower than on a conventional machine, greatly enhancing over-the-counter sales capability. And, the sleeker body width helps streamline cashier movements during operation.

Equipped with plenty of utility space

WebSpeezaSL models feature a pocket on the reverse side of the operation panel for displaying POP or other advertising.  Ample space is provided under the scanner for items regularly used by cashiers, such as dusters. The main unit of the POS is equipped with a large utility space, which includes a convenient bill holder and plenty of room for writing receipts. WebSpeezaSL POS stations are designed for true ease of use.

Speeza key for fast and easy checkout

Checkout can be efficient even with a single operator. Pressing the tab key brings up a new checkout display for a second customer. While the first customer is getting ready to pay, the operator can proceed with scanning items for the second customer, just like with a dual-operator system.  Checkout screens for up to three customers can be handled at the same time.

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