Fully integrated weigh-wrap-label system designed for operational comfort and environmental friendliness

AW-5600ATII is a high-performance automatic weigh-wrap-label system that’s reliable, productive, and easy to operate. Efficient use of energy and consumables helps to minimize both cost and the machine’s ecological footprint.

Wrap, weigh, and label with a single machine

The AW-5600ATII allows you to weigh, wrap, and label on one machine with one operator. Watch the video to see how it processes products with speed and agility.

Maximize productivity

Increase output with high-speed processing of up to 36 packs per minute.

Simply place a product tray on the infeed, and in seconds, the machine seals the item and applies both POP and product labels with accurate weight and price information.

The machine automatically detects and adjusts to different tray sizes, further simplifying operation.

Save time and cost—reduce waste

Super-stretch technology means less amount of film is required to cover the pack’s surface area.

This efficient use of film cuts down on waste and ensures that you get more out of a single roll, leading to a reduction in both the cost of consumables and maintenance downtime.

Linerless labels contain no paper backing, eliminating paper waste. And with energy conservation mode, you can reduce power consumption when the machine is on standby.

Enhance product appearance

DIGI’s wrapping solutions stretch film over the product with optimal tension for a high-quality finish, and flexible label design broadens the possibilities for attractive product promotion.

With linerless labels, label length is automatically adjusted to fit the content, eliminating blank space while guaranteeing that necessary product information is clearly displayed.

These features ensure top-quality presentation to enhance the value of your product.

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