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An industry first! Semi-self checkout, full-self checkout, and self-payment functionality in one versatile unit. HappySelf -- helping to solve a variety of issues faced by store owners.

DIGI's HappySelf is a self checkout register that combines semi-self checkout, full-self checkout, and self-payment functionality in one versatile unit.  HappySelf transforms into a semi-self or full-self checkout station to help store owners cope with personnel shortages or to speed up the checkout process. It can also help increase time efficiency and effective use of checkout floor space.

An industry first! Three modes of operation in one self-checkout register

HappySelf combines three POS register operating modes into one versatile unit. The unit can be easily transformed to efficiently accomodate the checkout requirements of the situtation.

Mode1) Semi-self checkout
The store clerk scans the purchase items, and then the customer completes the payment on their own.                                      
Mode 2) Full-self checkout
The customer performs all the checkout tasks on their own, from scanning the purchase items to making the payment.                                      
Mode 3) Self-payment
Purchase data are sent to HappySelf, and the customer completes the payment as they would with full-self checkout.

Transforming the unit from full mode to semi-self mode is as easy as pressing the "Change Mode" button.

Helps solve many issues facing store owners, including staff shortages

Select the best mode for optimizing store operation according to the situtation, whether it's handling high customer traffic periods or the need for strategic allocation of staff when short-handed.

1) Use semi-self checkout during peak hours or high customer traffic periods to speed up payment.
2) Use full-self checkout during off-peak hours or when short-handed.

3) Speed up payments even more by adding self-payment stations and transferring purchase data to them from other checkout registers.

Helps solve many issues facing store owners, including staff shortages

HappySelf is designed to help solve a variety of issues faced by store owners:

・ Self checkout functionality allows stores to handle high customer traffic periods with a small number of checkout staff.

・Self-payment relieves part-time workers from the stress of having to handle cash

・Operation is simple and intuitive, so even first-time users can get up to speed quickly. This helps to significantly shorten training time.

・Self-payment prevents cashier errors, such as miscalculations and wrong change.

Offers benefits to both the customer and the checkout staff

・Checkout staff do not handle money, so picking up food items such as bread or prepared food is more hygenic.

・Features include a large easy-to-read 15-inch screen and voice guidance, which make operation simple and easy for elderly shoppers or first-time users alike.

・A mere 340 mm wide, HappySelf is designed to be installable even in stores with strict space limitations.

・The receipt printer can be swiveled so it points toward the cashier or the customer, according to the operating mode.

Full range of optional features

・Both built-in scanner and hand-held scanner options are available, with support for up to two scanners

・Connects with the netDoA cloud-based comprehensive store manage system to allow complete management of sales and customer data

・A payment monitoring camera can be added for recording transctions to help resolve potential payment issues 

・Compatible with the Payoss cloud-based multipayment system and the P400 multipayment PIN pad. Can also accept electronic money and credit card payments.

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