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All-In-One Bulk System

Introducing the All-In-One Bulk System, DIGI's tare-free streamlined solution for the bulk area. From pantry staples to spices, herbs and even vinegars, customers can view product weight and price in real-time directly on the Hopper, Scoop and Liquid Scales while purchasing only the amount they need. 

RM-6100 AI

The RM-6100 AI is a compact and user-friendly AI scale that can be easily deployed in various retail settings to deliver efficient and intelligent checkout operation for both loose and bagged items.


The DS-700 can be used anywhere you set up your store.
- High contrast LCD display
- Long lasting battery operation
- Splash proof


Your key to fast, accurate, and user-friendly weighing transactions.
- Compact body
- High contrast LCD display
- Up to 99 PLUs programmable
- Equipped with 15 preset keys


DS-782 is an accurate, user-friendly price computing scale for speedy weighing transactions.
- Compact body
- High contrast LCD display with backlight
- Up to 99 PLUs programmable
- 15 preset keys
- RS-232C interface
- Operates on rechargeable batteries
DS-785 Solas-WP01

DS-785 Solas

The DS-785 Solas is a price computing scale designed for sustainability. The Solas is powered by solar battery, and can also run on power from its built-in dynamo (electric generator).

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