Powerful ally for blending process standardization
Indicator with full dust and water ingress protection

The DI-2000 II is a dust and waterproof indicator designed for weighing of blending ingredients at food and manufacturing facilities. It can be connected to up to 3 scales, allowing indication of a large range of weights with a single unit. During blending operations, workers follow displayed instructions interactively for all steps from ingredient verification to weighing, helping to prevent errors. Weighing history is automatically stored in indicator memory. Weighing systems incorporating the DI-2000 II help make great quality improvements, reduce work cost and help rationalize traceability of blended products.

Efficiency enhancement through networking

The DI-2000 II can exchange data with existing systems by USB memory or by LAN connection, enabling output of blending instruction entries and history data. When adopted together with the It-Matex III shipping/receiving/inventory management system, weighing histories and instruction data transferred can be used for dual purposes, such as printing labels and managing inventory. This dramatically increases work efficiency.

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