Note: This product is no longer being sold. Please consult with your local contact regarding maintenance of this model or replacement models.



Self-scanning POS
Lets shoppers easily checkout themselves.

A large, highly-readable operation screen gives instructions to make it easy for any shopper to use the POS smoothly. LED lamps on the change dispenser, as well as the bill/coin acceptors, to keep customers from forgetting to take their change. Smaller footprint than former models helps store layout efficiently.


Six sets of the WebSpeezaJ will fit into the same amount of space of four of the previous model.  WebSpeezaJ is 29% smaller than previous models. This makes faster throughput during busy time.  Alternatively, space becomes available can be used to expand the sales floor.

Easier operation to anybody

Bill/coin dispensers and the receipt printer locate in the central position, making whole operation process a lot easier.  Cash acceptors and dispensers have LED lamps to facilitate shopper operation.

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