Note: This product is no longer being sold. Please consult with your local contact regarding maintenance of this model or replacement models.


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The customer and checkout staff work together to make checkout speedy. Staff don't handle cash, making checkout more hygienic and eliminating cashier errors.

Teraoka's Smile Self  Checkout System is a self-payment checkout register where staff scan and bag the purchased items while the customer takes care of the payment. So, the customer and checkout staff work together to make checkout speedy. Three models are available, letting you choose the perfect match for your sales environment and store space: Specialty Shop model, Mini-supermarket model, and Countertop model.

Customers and staff work together for speedy checkout

With  Smile Self, staff scan and bag while the customer makes the payment, which streamlines the checkout process and shortens checkout waiting time. Customers can insert cash at any time while the staff are bagging or boxing the items. And Smile Self's voice guidance  feature makes operation simple and easy, even for first-time users.

Eliminates cashier errors and gives checkout a cleaner image

Because customers make the payment themselves, staff do not need to handle cash. This eliminates cashier errors, such as wrong price input, bill miscounting, and wrong change amounts. In addition, because staff do not directly touch the money,  checkout is more hygienic. This adds to the store's clean image and gives peace of mind to customers, particularly in stores that carry food items.

Next-customer item scanning increases checkout efficiency

Checkout staff can start scanning items for the next customer in line while the current customer is paying. This increases overall checkout efficiency and makes for a smoother checkout process for staff.

Simple operation makes serving customers easier, for a better shopping experience

Smile Self relieves checkout personnel of the most stressful part of their job --  handling the customer's cash.
System operation is simple: scanning product barcodes and making selections on the touch panel. This significantly shortens training time and reduces stress for checkout staff.
And this gives staff the leeway to focus more on customer service -- communicating with customers and improving the shopping experience.

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