Super-fast self-payment cashier stations with separate scanning and payment

DIGI's super-fast QCashierSL-J self-payment cashier station has been fully renewed with an ultra-compact design -- its 340 mm width is the sleekest in the industry, allowing a minimal installation footprint. Operability has also been greatly enhanced by locating the change dispenser 75 mm higher than on conventional machines, so customers no longer need to bend down to get their change.

The industry's sleekest payment station -- just 340 mm wide

DIGI has realized the industry's smallest width payment station -- just 340 mm wide -- by rethinking the layout of the peripheral devices. We also placed the change dispenser 75 mm higher than on conventional machines, so customers can get their change more comfortably, without having to bend down.

Allows payment at designated payment stations for greater shopper convenience

The QCashierSL-J system lets the cashier send payment data to an available payment station after the items are scanned. The shopper then goes to the station and pays for the items, making check-out effortless, even for first-time shoppers.

Prints separate receipts even for a single transaction

QCashierSL-J makes printing different receipts incredibly easy when customers want to purchase items separately for themselves and for a friend. With one touch, the cashier can divide the order at any point to create separate receipts, even when the payment is processed as a single transaction. So shoppers don't have to struggle with complicated operations or waste time going through two checkouts just to get separate receipts.

Helps prevent forgotten change

QCashierSL-J payment stations have a function that helps keep shoppers from forgetting to take their change. Receipts will only print after the change has been removed, so shoppers who need a receipt will never leave without their change.

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